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Author Topic: How to Archive Threads from Groovy Gamers  (Read 2357 times)


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How to Archive Threads from Groovy Gamers
« on: April 05, 2007, 05:58:33 PM »

You can create archive files of an individual thread through a fairly simple process. Use the following procedure to save the content of your thread in a single HTML file, and then attach it to a post here. Using this procedure, you can archive an entire thread from one board in one post in another. Thus, you can have your whole game archived in one thread here.

To save a thread on Groovy Gamers and archive it in a post on PbP House:

Note: These instructions are written for Microsoft Internet Explorer, but you can use a similar procedure using other web browsers.

1) Open the thread you want to archive on the Groovy Gamers boards.

2) On the button bar above the thread, click Print.

(Note that this is the Print button in the thread next to the Send this Thread link, not the Print button on your web browser.)

3) In your web browser, on the File menu, click Save As.

4) Choose the appropriate file name and type:

    - In the File name field, change the file name if you like. Your ability to upload will not be affected by spaces in the file name.

    - In the Save as type list, select Web page, HTML only. This is not the default option in Internet Explorer.
    - Navigate to the location where you want to save the file, and click Save.

5) Open the thread where you want to archive your thread on pbphouse.com.

6) Click Reply.

7) On the Modify Message page, click Additional Options.

8 ) Next to the Attach field, click Browse.

9) Select the HTML file you just saved.

10) Type some descriptive text in your post.

11) Click Post.

The HTML archive of your thread from Groovy Gamers is saved at the bottom of your post. To open it, just click the file name.

Note: the file will open in your web browser, but you will probably need to click a dialog box saying that it is ok to download the file.
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