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Author Topic: Captain's Log [OOC]  (Read 4524 times)


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Re: Captain's Log [OOC]
« Reply #60 on: September 02, 2018, 10:16:01 AM »

The first post of the new episode has been revised and updated! The new episode has begun, feel free to jump in at any time.

As a reminder, with the start with a new episode, Chase's available Action Points and Intuition 'hints' all reset. Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the scene.

As promised, here is the background information of what has occurred in the interim 3 months since the end of the last episode:

- Three months on the frontier in Sector 2814 have been what Admiral Benson promised: a bear to navigate, spotty communications,  little support.  Not much else has been encountered out in the unknown these last three months: four gaseous anomalies, 2 comets only. Chase and the crew of the Enterprise are currently in the middle of their first 1st Contact mission of the new assignment.

- Via periodical Starfleet information packages, Chase has been apprised of updates to the Federation and Starfleet, and received a few "letters" from home.

- Federation News:
- A dozen new raids by Klingons have been reported, each by separate Houses, all claiming to lead the reborn Klingon Empire.

- The Ferengi Alliance and Orion Syndicate continue to grow diplomatic ties, as an alliance seems imminent, worrying the Federation that the two largest black market purveyors could consolidate power in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Additional reports that the Ferengi have begun to enlist new batches of Jem'Hadar soldiers into their private military are equally worrisome to the Federation.

- The annual Federation delegation to Vulcan has once again been met with silence, having unsuccessfully engaged the former Federation members, having been stopped at the border of Vulcan space once again.

Starfleet Update:
- While checking on Starfleet assignment updates for the fleet, Chase has learned that Admiral Benson has painted the Enterprise's new assignment as a reconnaissance mission into the frontier to provide a risk and threat assessment of a region that no Federation ship have entered in the last 30 years.

- While checking the fleet rosters and assignments to keep tabs on former crewmates and Academy classmates, Chase learns of the new assignments for two old friends. Jonathan Rumsfeld has been promoted to the rank of Commander and made commandant of Federation Space Station Deep Space 9 effective immediately. Captain Dira Liral has been named captain of the as yet named new Starfleet flagship, a newly minted 'Cosmo'-Class starship currently in dry-dock at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards over Mars. Launch is expected within the year, as Capt. Dira completes crew selection.

Letters from Home:
- As part of his letters from friends and family, he received a long letter from his favorite aunt Lois (Admiral Lois Turner, Ret.). The letter is part dressing down once again for accepting the command of the Enterprise, and for obviously pushing for some fool's errand to explore the frontier. The remainder of the letter is essentially a Omega Event 'truther' screed. At first, Chase thought of line of conversation as a sign of her boredom during the early stages of retirement, but the continued fixation on the 'real culprits' of the Omega Event now has Chase worried about his favorite aunt.
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