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Technical Support / Home Page Static?
« on: April 23, 2015, 03:54:45 PM »
Is it intentional that the same three posts appear bottom center of the home page? Since the move and update the same posts by raikenclw have appeared in that location on my page every time I navigate to the site.

Dark is the Moon / Episode XII: Dawn...but Not Forgotten
« on: March 14, 2014, 08:13:30 PM »
Scene 1 - Tease

Morning - 1 Abadius (1st Fireday), AR 4710

Falcon's Hollow...

Captain Verask, still somewhat stiff from his fall from the saddle on the previous eveing in a battle against the rising horde of the undead, sits behind the large darkwood desk once owned by the late lumber baron, Thuldrin Kreed. He glances about the lavish personal office of the former town tyrant, whose mansion and estate he and the contingent of Andoran's Eagle Knights have taken over temporarily, in their efforts to bring safety and stability to the region in this time of upheval and the need of the common folk.

Suddenly, as his eyes have fixated upon a blank spot on the opposite wall, between the staring trophy heads of a wild boar and stag, the commander is interupted in thought, by a rapping at the thick darkwood door across the room.

"Yes. Come..." Verrask entreats the unknown visitor.

Momentarily, the latch is turned, the door opens inward and a young man in his miliatary finery appears in the gap.

"Captain Verrask, Sir. Our trackers have traced the group north to the town's cemetery. There's no indication that they left from there. Although, it does appear that someone scouting in their group did venture ahead several hundred yards further north, before returning to the rest in the cemetery. There are signs of a battle in the cemetery, but no bodies..."

After a few moments of awkward silence, the captain looks up and notes the young man still standing in the dooway.

"Is there anything else soldier?" He inquires.

"Yes, sir. The reinforcements from Almas have arrived at the river and are being ferried across as we speak." The young man answers.

"Ah. Very well. Thanks son. That's all for now..."  

Technical Support / GM forums being displayed to guests.
« on: December 07, 2013, 10:52:42 PM »
While I am for getting more regular posting members here, I also would like to see a 'return'? of a gateway page to keep all of the non-members from seeing and copying our threads, our characters and our images and offering them up for the whole of the web to see in searches...and use them for their own purposes.

Technical Support / Upgrade Bugs?
« on: November 23, 2013, 06:07:22 PM »
I use the Babylonia theme and I have noticed a lot of diamond-shaped question boxes in the headers, site link options and elsewhere of the layout since the updates this morning. I don't know if anyone else is seeing these or if it's only those, like myself, who use the Babylonia theme?

The Year is 2155...


...Inquiries and potential applicants should discreetly respond in PM only...Inquiries and potential applicants should discreetly respond via PM only...

The Defiant / 2B 'Toby' - Independent Droid - NPC
« on: August 01, 2013, 07:56:53 PM »
2B 'Toby'

Medical Droid

Level 3

The Defiant / Koroma'Moro - Male Twi'Lek (Pilot 5) - NPC
« on: August 01, 2013, 07:49:17 PM »
Captain of the Lucky Dancer

Grey skinnned

The Circle / Rochell d'Arnau (NC)
« on: August 01, 2013, 06:20:52 PM »
Spoiler: Portrait • show

Rochelle d’Arnau
Alias:  The Red Mistress of Braavos
Age: 30  - Middle Age - Late 298 AL
Status: 3
Role: Expert / Schemer
Goal: Enlightenment of Others
Motivation: Duty
Virtues: Pious / Devoted
Vices: Scheming

Agility              4        (Quickness 1B)
Animal Handling 1         -----
Athletics          3         -----
Awareness       4        (Empathy 1B, Notice 1B)
Cunning           5        (Logic 1B, Decipher 1B)
Deception        4        (Bluff 1B)
Endurance        3        -----
Fighting           3        -----
Healing            3        -----
Language        --       (Common 1, Braavosi 1, Valyrian 1, Pentoshi 1, Myrish 1) 
Knowledge       5        (Streetwise 2B)
Marksmanship   2        -----
Persuasion       5        (Seduce 2B, Charm 1B)
Status            3        (Reputation 1B)
Stealth           2        -----
Survival          1        -----
Thievery         2        -----
Warfare          1        -----
Will                4        (Dedication 1B)

Destiny Points: 2
--Connections (+1D on Knowledge Checks in Braavos)
--Polyglot (Read any language w/ Rank 1, pick up other languages easily)
--Blood of Valyria (Before Intrigue, Status counts as one rank higher, +2 pass. Endurance vs. fire)
--Third Eye (After a full night of sleep, roll 1d6.  On a result of '6', add +1D on any test, a boon of your vivid dreams)

Experience: 70 (spent 60)
----30: Knowledge +1
----10: Dedication 1B
----10: Seduce 1B
----10: Streetwise 1B
Glory: 0

Flaws & Drawbacks
Flaw (Sedentary – Athletics -1D), Childhood Disease  (-2 Health)

Derived Statistics:
Passive Awareness 16 Base, 17 Empathy
Intrigue Defense: 12
Composure 12
Movement 4 Normal, 8 Sprint
Health 7

Attack Forms:
Attack Name:        Dice:        Damage        Qualities:     
Dagger                     3(0B)+0        2 (+0)        Defensive +1, Off-hand +1
Combat Defense: 11

Defense Forms:
Armor Type        rating        penalty         bulk    
Robes                  1          0             0

Personal Gear (5914ss)
Red Gown / Courtesan Outfit
Courtier Garb (80ss)
Assorted Ruby Jewelry (420ss)
Entertainers Garb (10ss)
Dagger (20ss)
Scents (1ss)
Small Candle x6 (6cp)
Sachet (1ss)
Silk Rope (30cp)
Myrish Lens (20ss)
Flint and Steel (2cp)
Far Eyes (300ss)
Flute (10ss)
Harp (18ss)
Private Boat (2100ss)
Basilisk Blood (1 dose) (1050ss)
Wolfsbane (2 doses) (200ss)
Widow’s Blood (1 dose) (1000ss)
Pennyroyal (5 doses, mild) (25ss)
Pennyroyal (5 doses, strong) (50ss)
Nightshade (3 doses) (300ss)
Greycap (4 doses) (100ss)
Tansy (5 doses, mild) (25ss)
Tansy (5 doses, strong) (75ss)
Wasting Potion (2 doses) (100ss)

3d6=16gd, or 3360ss
3d6=13, 3d6=11 or 5040ss
Total: 11gd, 176ss

Gender: Female                       
Height: 5 ft., 9 in.  Weight: 140 lbs.  Eye Color: Blue   Hair Color: Black

Rochelle is young and beautiful, ask anyone who knows her.  They would tell you that her jet black hair falls like a waterfall down just past her shoulders and that the brilliant blue of her eyes are like sapphires in a sea of quartz.  She dresses simply, but lavishly at the same time; decorating herself with but few pieces of jewelry at any given time and wearing, more often than not, undecorated red silk gowns.  The curves of her body and smoothness of her skin fail to give away her age of thirty.  Her skin is a milky white, which accentuates the natural colors of her hair and eyes, while standing in brilliant contrast to the reds and rubies that surround her.

Background Events
- Survived being born to poverty
- Received a handsome sum of money by a wealthy merchant for her maidenhead
- After her mother's death, rose to prominence as a private courtesan
- Received her own boat as payment for services by a partial owner of Braavos' Iron Bank
- Successfully converted the master of the Purple Harbor to follow R'hllor


Rochelle grew up the daughter of an educated noblewoman.  Spurned and cast aside by her lascivious husband, she was forced to enter service in a brothel, teaching her daughter all that she knew.

After her mother's death, Rochelle vowed to herself that she would rise above the depth that her mother had fallen to and make a new name for herself.  She found solace and strength in the Temple of R'hllor, and learned to follow the path of the Lord of Light while remembering the power of nobility.  Eventually she would find that her own ambitions could in effect allow her to do the Lord's work as well.  Using the gifts granted her as a woman, she would continue to pave her way to power and influence, all while doing what she could to entreat her clients to the word of R'hllor. 

Over several short years she made a name for herself amongst the courtesans and prostitutes of Braavos.  Doing so, she has amassed a small bit of wealth, of which she uses to finance the type of living she requires to become acquainted with the rich and powerful.  Being now in a position that allows her to do so, she has become more...choice-driven in whose bed she warms.  Taking on less the image of courtesan and more so a dignified, noblewoman who happens to sleep with men for money and privilege, Rochelle seeks to reinvest her money and eventually find her way out of the game.  Nevertheless, she eschews that route with the hope of someday finding the one man who could put her in a position of ultimate power to make change in the city, and find the Lord of Light his rightful place in the city, boot heel over the shrines of the many false gods of Braavos.

The Lord of Light
Onyl - Bodyguard (Short-cropped hair, long mustache, blonde hair, brooding appearance, cheerful demeanor)
Drake - Bodyguard

The Nameless One

The Circle / Benedic Antaryon (NC)
« on: August 01, 2013, 06:19:10 PM »
Character Name: Benedic Antaryon
Alias:  The Black Cock
Age: 23  Age Category - Late 298 AL
Status: Antaryon Lordling
Role: Fighter
Goal: Mastery
Motivation: Boredom
Virtues: Loyal
Vices: Lusty


Agility              6       +7 Quickness 2B
Animal Handling 2       
Athletics          3        Run 2B, Swim 1B
Awareness       4        +7
Cunning           3       
Deception        2       
Endurance        3       
Fighting           7        Fencing 3B
Healing            1       
Braavosi 3, Common 2, Valyrian 2, Slaver Argot 1, Summer Tongue 1
Knowledge        4       
Marksmanship    2       
Persuasion        3        Seduce 3B
Status             4        Reputation 1B
Stealth            3       
Survival           1     
Thievery          2       
Warfare           1       
Will                 2     

Destiny Points: 2
Benefits: Braavosi Fighter I*, II, III, Water Dancer I, II
Experience: 00 (spent 60)
Glory: 0

Flaws & Drawbacks
Lascivious, Nemesis

Derived Statistics:
Passive Awareness 23
Intrigue Defense    11
Composure           6
Movement            5
Health                 9

Attack Forms:
Attack Name:      Dice:        Damage     Qualities:   
Braavosi Blade     7(2B)+1    6               Defensive +2*, Fast
Main Gauche       7(2B)+1    5               Defensive +3*, Off-hand, Fast
Small Sword        7(3B)+1    5               Defensive +1*, Fast

Combat Defense 15 (/16/17/18)

Defense Forms:
Armor Type  Padded      rating 1        penalty 0        bulk 0   

Personal Gear
Superior Braavosi blade
Superior main gauche
Superior Small Sword
Noble garb, Padded (several sets, all in black silks)
Rope (Silk)
Flint and Steel
Iron Stakes
Various Rare Scents
Various Spices, including aniseed

42 GDs 4d6=19, 4d6=11, 4d6=12
Remaining: 12 gd
Gender: male                       
Height: 6 ft., 2 in.  Weight: 145 lbs.  Eye Color: grey   Hair Color: black
Tall and almost effortless light of foot, giving as sense of unnerving purpose to his every step; his is a dancer's physique, speaking with allure to women and challenge to men. Waist length black hair as straight and fine as arrow-shafts, eyes not the rough grey of flint but the smoke-edged grey of castle-forged steel. Black and grey myrish cloth, split to the waist, a bravo's blade at one hip and a duellist's dagger, at the other, interspersed with pouches of moleskin and suedes. Skin so lustrously pale, bones so clearly etched, some say he has the face of Stranger of the Andals, yet others see the blood of valyria in the veins of his taut musculature. Eerily, unsettling attractive, his whole form radiates dangerous romance - all at odds with his easy laugh, casual generosity, and savvy charm.

Spoiler: show

Background Events 
Studied in Oldtown
Sailed Abroad
Went a-soldiering

Benedic Antaryon seeks nothing more than to be the very best at whatever takes his interest, from fighting to whoring. He is a consummate fencer, widely agreed to be one of the finest in the city, though rarely seeks out an opponent - not because his status prevents it (far from it - let the fool be killed and be damned, in his father's view) but because there is always a ready stream of young pups keen to test metal and mettle alike. Equally he is one of the city's most well known paramours; he has claimed the maidenhead of many a girl all too willing to attach herself to him, and many a woman - noble or otherwise - has found his silken words lead to their silken sheets. This is not to say he demeans women - indeed he celebrates them; he has a long standing duel of wits and lusts with his cousin Idryss, and as he says, one kind of swordplay will oft serve better than the other.

His father despairs of him; he was sent to study in Oldtown, where his brilliance earned him the frustration of his mentors in his refusal to study anything that did not interest him; he travelled and traded with Summer Islanders, but only expanded his encyclopaedia of sexuality; he was sent to fight amongst the Golden Company to learn of the true cost of war, but only served to hone his skills in killing individual and finally recalled once more, at least to remain under his father's purview.

In truth, it is Benedic's ultimate ambition that stands between him and his father: to be First Sword of Braavos. For so much power to be in the hands of one house would upset the delicate balance and power plays of the city, though in truth his father would be glad were Benedic an instrument he could direct. In the mean time, he has yet to be named heir to the Sealord, and the jockeying for position that this causes keeps Lord Ferrego's enemies satisfyingly embroiled; in that, at least, he is of use to his father.

Lover, fighter, gambler; remarkably knowledgeable, wilfully stubborn, able to speak to any and all regardless of station or culture; rogue, rebel, and as close to royal as Braavos allows.

Anyssa Idaani, Lysene courtesan and practitioner of tantric arts.
Asherath Vontea, moon-priest of braavos and despairing spiritual guide.
Donal Whitwinn, towering maester of the Citadel and dour drinking companion.
Falcon, murderous privateer of Oldtown and questionable acquaintance.
Idryss Trevelyan, cousin, sparring partner and rumoured lover.
Xiovana Qutall, amazonian first mate of the Cinammon Wind, a spice trader out of Tall Trees Town.

Gath of the Forgotten Fields, a member of the Stormcrows mercenary company that he left humiliated and unmanned in a duel during a campaign in far astapor - Gath will sire no get. (Nemesis)
Merling Ebron, auditor of the Iron Bank and manager of Antaryon family stipends.
More bravos than islands of Braavos.

Dark is the Moon / Episode XI: Please Don't Feed the Zombies
« on: June 22, 2013, 05:17:28 PM »
Previously on Dark is the Moon...

Dark is the Moon
Based on lyrics for the song Bark at the Moon
Written and copyright: Ozzy Osbourne

Screams break the silence
Waking in the dead of night
Darkness is coming
Evil's here to kill the light
Then, when the dead walk the woods once more
Listen in horror, you'll hear it

Dark is the moon


Years spent in torment
A town no more than a slave
Now they have risen
The chosen will need to save
Those that the dead are longing for
Listen in horror, you'll hear them

Dark is the moon
Hey, yeah
Dark is the moon

They're cursed and buried
Its a damn shame
All thought Tar's timeless soul had gone (gone)
In empty burning hell--undying one
Has he returned to prove them wrong
So wrong

Oh yeah, baby

(Guitar solo)

Lurking in shadows
Unliving with a lunar spell
Death finds a mortal
And there's no mouth left to tell

Those that the fiends are preying for
Listen in horror, you'll hear us
Dark is the moon.
Hey, yeah
Dark is the moon
Hey, yeah
Dark is the moon
Whoa Whoa Yeah,
Dark is the moon


Spoiler: Mood Music • show

Episode Guide / Episode X: Cold, Straight and Marrow
« on: April 09, 2012, 06:13:24 AM »
Previously on Dark is the Moon...

Azlant. The very word conjures images of power, mystery, and antiquity. When the world was young, before the great darkness, the spell-smiths of Azlant crafted such marvels that the people of the day were said to be living gods, able to form reality with a thought and oblivion with a whisper. Little of their civilization survived the great darkness, but their last great hero, none other than the legendary Aroden himself, brought a few desperate survivors out of the foundering kingdom to the far shores of the inner sea. Thus was born the nation of Taldor—eldest, and proudest, of the human kingdoms. Although little survives from that era, nonetheless here and there relics of the original Azlanti colonists still await discovery in southern Avistan. But woe be to the adventurer who stumbles across these vestiges unprepared, for the Azlanti possessed magic unlike any that yet remains in the world, and they guarded their secrets jealously.
                                                                                                                               ~ The Pathfinder Chronicles, Vol. 1

Amyriell Meravanchi

Lady Amyriell Meravanchi  
Female Half-elf Sorcerer 2
Xps: 2,706 (3rd @ 3,300)
Alignment: CN "free spirit"
Deity: Nethys
Height: 5' 7''
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Blue-Green
Complexion: Light
Age: 21
District: Noble
Affiliations: Witchwardens, Dawn Council

Str: 12 (+1)
Dex: 17 (+3)   +2 racial bonus
Con: 11 (+0)
Int: 12 (+1)
Wis: 11 (+0)
Cha: 14 (+2)   +1/1st, +1/2nd  

 3d6=11, 3d6=15, 3d6=6, 3d6=11, 3d6=12, 3d6=14, 3d6=12

Half-Elf Abilities: +2 to one ability score (Charisma), low-light vision, +2 on sight/sound perception checks, special search,
immune to magic sleep, +2 save vs. enchantment, Bonus Feat: Skill Focus (Perception), Elven blood, Favored Class: (Sorcerer) +1 to hit points or skill points (skill: 1,2)

Sorcerous Bloodline (Arcane) Powers: Arcane Bond (Rapier, spell 1/day), Knowledge (Nobility & Royalty) as class skill


Magic is Life: (Nethys, Religion) +2 to saves against death effects as long as under effects of any spell/automatic stabilization

Academy Graduate: (District, Social) You attended one of several academies in this district, during which you were schooled in the finer arts of being an aristocrat. Benefit: Pick any Charisma- or Intelligence-based skill. This skill (Bluff) is always considered class skill for you. In addition, you gain a +1 bonus on Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (nobility and royalty) checks.  

HP: 6 + 3 = 9    1d6=3
AC: 13 (10 + 3 dex)
Init: +3 (+3 dex)
Hero Points: 1
CMB: +2
CMD: 15
Speed: 30ft

Fortitude +0 (+0 con + 0 base)
Reflex +3 (+3 dex + 0 base)
Will +3 (+0 wis + 3 base)

BAB: +1
Base Melee Atk: +2
-Dagger, +2 attack/1d4+1 damage/19-20x2
-Masterwork Rapier, +3 attack/1d6+1 damage/18-20x2
Base Ranged Atk: +4
-Light Crossbow, +4 attack/1d8 damage/19-20x2/range 80ft
-Dagger, +4 attack/1d4+1 damage/19-20x2/range 10ft

Skills: 8 (+3/lvl) (+ 2/favored 1st, 2nd)
Acrobatics (Dex): 4 (+3 ability +1 rank)
Appraise (Int): 4 (+1 ability +0 ranks +3 class bonus)
Bluff (Cha): 6 (+2 ability +1 rank +3 class bonus)
Climb (Str): 1 (+1 ability +0 ranks)
Craft: Weaponsmith (Int): 5 (+1 ability +1 rank +3 class bonus)
Diplomacy (Cha): 2 (+2 ability +0 ranks)
Intimidate (Cha): 2 (+2 ability + 0 ranks)
Knowledge: Arcana (Int): 5 (+1 ability +1 rank +3 class bonus)
Knowledge: History (Int): 2 (+1 ability +0 ranks +1 trait)
Knowledge: Nobility & Royalty (Int): 6 (+1 ability +1 rank +3 class bonus + 1 trait)
Perception (Wis): 4/6 (+0 ability +1 rank +3 skill focus) (+2 sight/sound)
Ride (Dex): 3 (+3 ability +0 ranks)
Spellcraft (Int): 5 (+1 ability +1 rank +3 class bonus)
Stealth (Dex): 3 (+3 ability +0 ranks)
Swim (Str): 2 (+1 ability +1 rank)
Use Magic Device (Cha): 2 (+2 ability +0 ranks)

Feats: Martial Weapon Proficiency (Rapier) (1st), Skill Focus: Perception (Racial Bonus), Weapon Proficiency: Simple (1st, Sorcerer), Echew Materials (1st, Sorcerer Bonus),  

Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic

Equipment: (total weight: 30 lbs.)
Masterwork Rapier (free)
Light Crossbow (35 gp)
Crossbow Bolts (07) (1 gp)
Dagger (Throwing, x2) (4 gp)
Adventurer's Sash (20 gp)
Flint and Steel (1gp)
Belt Pouch (1gp)
Waterskin (1gp)
Whetstone (1gp)
Courtier's/Traveler's Outfit (free)
Black Dragon's head tattoo (left shoulder cap, 30gp)
Dragon's Flame tattoo (below mouth of dragon, scorching ray, 300gp)
Mask tattoo (half-skull) (right shoulder cap, 20gp)
Sigil Eye tattoo (in left eyehole of mask, cure light wounds x1, 100gp)
Scarlet Tower tattoo (right upper arm, 20gp)
Tower Shield tattoo (embedded in tower, shield, 50gp)  
Jewelry (Silver Earrings, Silver Necklace) (10 gp)
Necessities Kit (brush, comb, razor, soap, perfume, etc.) (10 gp)

22 pp, 500gp, 4 sp

Monthly Cost of Living Expenses:
Noble District 100gp

Character Appearance:
A young female of near-elven beauty, Amyriell's height is only further accentuated by her firm slender physique. Her most notable features are her crystal ice blue eyes and her raven black hair, but many an admirer would argue that it is other of her assets, not her eyes, that mesmerize them. Her high cheekbones poise attractively to draw attention to the perfect enticing lips, while her flirtatious and oft arrogant manner only seems to draw Amyriell even more admirers than detractors. She is an avid enthusiast of exquisite body art, but currently only has a few tattoos herself.
Spells/Day: (1)/5 (4)

Spells Known:

(0) 5  

detect magic (Ehtah arcaniss), Range: (cone) 60 ft., Duration: Concentration, 1 min.
mage hand (Hewa cha'sid), Duration: Concentration, Range:  Close, 25 ft. +5ft./2 lvls, (Move: 15 ft.)
mending (Bensvelk), Range: 10 ft., one object, 1 lb.
message (Charric), Range: 100 ft. + 10ft./lvl, Duration: 10 min./lvl.
read magic (vucot arcaniss) Duration: 10 min.lvl.

(1) 2

mage armor: (Hewa litrix), +4 to AC, Duration: 1 hr.
true strike:(Sventir donotreska), +20 insight bonus to attack

Draconic verbalizations for spells in bold

Formative Event

Born of a very curious nature, Amyriell, even in early childhood, being brought up under the very liberal and permissive hand of her uncle, Zebula, was always getting into things. One evening, very near the end of her formal studies at the House of the Dragon, she was perusing some old volumes of Sassarine's history and maps to the black dragon, Zelkarune's lair upon which the school and library was built, when she discovered something interesting.

A small niche, indicated on the oldest original maps seemed to be missing on all those rendered thereafter. She discreetly located the physical place within the school, but on a casual inspection there seemed nothing out of place. Though, the small section of wall where the anomaly on the map appeared was now only a section of a smooth wall; having long been plastered and worked in the conversion process of turning the dragon's lair into a proper academy of higher learning.

This did not stop Amyriell, however. She waited until opportunity presented itself  and then, on commencement day, while the whole school celebrated the graduation of its latest finishing students, she stole away from the ceremony, with a pick she had hidden in her room and knocked a hole in that wall. Which, by a stroke of good fortune, was not very thick at the spot where she highly suspected there were something which others had long forgotten.

Quickly, she crawled into the space and found herself staring into the eyeless sockets of a human skeleton. Its remains were pinned to one rough side of the narrow niche by two rusted daggers; an obvious victim of foul play. Beyond, using the ancestral sight of her dead elven mother, Amyriell noted that the niche recessed a bit further and widened into a small chamber, covered in a thick layer of fine stone dust and dirt.

Encouraged by her find, she slipped between the skeleton and the rough opposite wall, to find a small opened box fashioned of stone, with a broken lid discarded at its side. Amyriell carefully moved the container from where it likely had been for many a year, at least since its contents were obviously removed and once more made a discovery. Under the small, but heavy, box was a hole in the rocky formation of the tiny chamber and within, was a dusty egg-shaped orb approximately the size of her fist.

Hurriedly, Amyriell abandoned the idea of removing the box and instead grabbed the strange orb, took it back to her room and hid it in her belongings. Then, as they levity of the situation landed on her shoulders, she dusted herself off and made the ending of the ceremony. When it ended, she immediately approached a known and trusted member of the Witchwardens, the guild and college's own headmistress, Lux Seoni, with her story. The ranking arcanist had attended the event of the school's commencement as a special speaker.

As a result of her tenacity and subsequent forwardness with the information and presentation of the strange orb to the Witchwardens, Amyriell was not punished for defacing the wall and, indeed was accepted as one of the youngest initiates into the prestigious arcanists' guild. Ever since, Guildmistress Seoni has taken quite a liking to the headstrong girl and considers Amyriell one of her favorites, of the young Witchwarden initiates.

Escape From Castle Rock / Jen Holmes
« on: January 01, 2012, 12:15:45 AM »

Jen Holmes
Concept: Trouble

Identify: 5 // Obscure: 3//Medical Prodigy: 8
Persuade: 6 // Dissuade: 4
Pursue: 3 // Escape: 7
Assault: 4 // Protect: 6

Survival Points: 5

Bad Habits: Problems with Authority, Risky Behavior

Background: Eighteen year old daughter of Castlerock's premiere physician and always in trouble. She is really rather intelligent and takes after her old man, but maybe too much. Currently, she is working off community service by acting as an advanced volunteer at the hospital. It shouldn't be a surprise that she has somehow managed this candy gig, seeing as how her old man is sleeping with the hospital's administrator.

Game Ad Archives / Sind Sie bereit, den Zeitgeist zu erfahren?"
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Are you ready to experience the Zeitgeist?

If you are interested in participating in the Zeitgeist: Gears of Revolution Adventure Path campaign for Pathfinder enter and sign in please.

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Please be on the lookout for a new registrant with the member name Murth and speed him along in the acceptance process. Thanks.

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