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Technical Support / Mobile access issue
« on: April 17, 2017, 09:28:23 PM »
Just a heads up, for past two weeks or so I have been unable to access via mobile.

When I try to access via Chrome on my phone, I get an error message saying the connection is not private appears a certificate might not be valid.  When I click proceed anyways, I get a "404 Not Found" error.  Indicates server cannot find the requested page:

phphouse.net/cp_errordocument.shtml (port 443)

No problems accessing via Chrome on my desktop though.

The Game Room / Warhammer 40K Only War Campaign Ideas...
« on: May 19, 2016, 07:14:21 PM »
The GM of my F2F Black Crusade group made an off hand comment that he wanted to play a 40K game at some point and not just run them.  I have the Only War book so I volunteered, and the group agreed. 

I was fully expecting to deal with a squad of soldiers, but instead was met with a group that wants to play as an armored regiment.  Oh boy....

My plan is to run the introductory adventure from the book on our first session, but from there I'm a little lost on how to proceed against a tank after that.  I don't want to constantly pull the "you tank breaks down due to sabotage/broken gear/etc, now get out" every mission nor do I want every mission to devolve into Tank Battle Simulator 40K either.

I think I would be set with solider on foot, but the whole aspect of trying to integrate a tank into nearly everything is giving me a huge mental block.

What are some ways I can implement to balance the group's need to drive a tank and my need not to make every mission a near copy of "drive tank here, fight, drive tank there, fight" ad nauseam?

Lords of Darkness / Thark: Chaos Space Marine
« on: August 09, 2015, 09:32:31 PM »

Spoiler: Background info • show

As a Space Marine, Thark lived a relatively simple life - fight or die.  A life he gladly served as a member of the Assault Squad of the Fire Angels, a relatively newer Loyalist chapter of the Space Marines.  Though, sometimes Fate can be a cruel mistress.

Whether it came through apathy or err, a sickening impurity slipped through the cracks of the Fire Angels ranks.  For the chapter, in their attempts to produce capable Space Marine armor to keep up with growing population of gene-seed clones, turned to savaging an refurbishing armor from their fallen foes.  Thark's set, though patched up and given a fresh shiny white colored coat of paint, was not thoroughly cleansed the taint of the previous bearer - one touched with a Gift of Khorne.

As the mutation slowly spread and infected both his body and mind, Thark slowly found himself more and more dissatisfied with the tactic the Assault Squad provided.  Launching into the middle of the battle field still favored the Space Marine, but he found the unit's preference of the Flamer to be almost traitorous.  There was something visceral to the sight of his enemies blood darting through the sky as he ran his chainsword through them; something pleasing that the sight of burning corpses did not provide.

As he relied on the chainsword more and more with increasingly barbaric outcomes, the disciplinary his squad leader increased exponentially.  But how the fool not understand?  The Flamer, while and effective weapon in it's own right, lacked the ability to motivate their own forces as the crimson liquid of their foes splattered across their armor.  It lacked the ability to terrorize an opponent.  It lacked the ability for the enemy to truly understand the mass of destruction and death you leave in your wake.

It lacked true power.

Thark's mind already corrupted by the foulness crawling around inside his head, began questioning his service in the Fire Angels, for if the Fire Angels fought for the Imperium, and if they refused to pursue true power, then it was only logical the Imperium did not covet true power either.  And if both his Chapter and the Imperium were wrong about something as basic as that, it only stood to reason that they were wrong about other more complex issues - like the Emperor.  Perhaps he is not a God as the fools believe, but a puny man. 

A man full of blood and bone that could be crushed to truly prove one's might.

Khorne; now there was a true God.

Realizing his service in the Fire Angels was detrimental to his own pursuit of power and conquest, he planned his escape.  Having eyed a chainaxe recently recovered on the battlefield, he raided the armory, lifting the chainaxe and leaving his chainsword buried deep in the gut of the lone guardsman on duty that night, subconsciously muttering "Blood for the Blood God" under his breath.

Equipping his jump pack he quickly made his way into the night, silently vowing to devote himself to traveling down the path of Khorne in order to earn the True God's favor.

Character Name:Thark
Race:Chaos Space Marine
Archtype:The Chosen

48  36  49  48  48  33  39  41  40  21
+4 added for Unnatural Strenth & Unnatural Toughness & all Passions

Pride (Martial Prowess):+5 WS, -5 INT
Disgrace (Greed):+4 Corruption & Overwhelming Need: -10 Situational Modifier to all Commerce attempts
Motivation (Violence):+5 Corruption & -3 INT

Athletics (S) X
Awareness (PER) X
Common Lore (War) X
Dodge (AG) X
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes) (INT) X
Forbidden Lore (Horus Heresy) (INT) X
Forbidden Lore (Long War) (INT) X
Intimidate (WP) X
Linguistics (Low Gothic) (INT) X
Navigate (Surface) (INT) X
Operate (Aeronautica) (AG) X
Operate (Surface) (AG) X
Parry (WS) X X
Stealth (AG) X

Unnatural Strength (+4)
Unnatural Toughness (+4)

AmbidextrousUse either hand equally well-reduce penalties for using two weapons
Bulging BicepsCan fire heavy weapons using Semi-Auto of Full Auto without bracing & does not suffer -30 penalty for failing to brace. Can use Athletics Heft Special Skill Use to add +20 to Athletic Skill Tests
DisarmForce opponent to drop weapon
Legion Weapon TrainingUse any Traitor Legion weapon without penalty
Lightning ReflexesRoll twice and take highest on Initiative Rolls
Heightened Senses (Hearing & sight)+10 bonus to any tests specifically involving the enhanced senses
Nerves of SteelCan re-roll failed WP tests to avoid or recover from Pinning Tests & gains a +10 to WP Tests to resist the effects of enemy Intimidation Skill attempts
Quick DrawCharacter can draw & ready a weapon as a Free Action when armed with a Pistol or Basic-Class ranged weapon or a melee weapon that can be wielded in one hand
Rapid ReloadReduces reload time by half (round down)
RaptorWhen making a Charge Action with a Jump Pack, add an extra d10 of Damage for every 2 degrees of Success scored on WS test for a maximum of two extra d10
Resistance (Cold, Heat, & Poison)+10 bonus when making resist tests against these groups
Sure StrikeWhen making a Called Shot melee attack, reduce penalty by 10
Unarmed WarriorUnarmed attacks deal 1d10+SB, Primitive (7)

Legionnaire Power Armour
Legionnaire Bolt Pistol (6x Magazines)
Legion Chainaxe
Legionnaire Combat Knife
Jump Pack

Legion Bolt PistolPistol30mS/2/-1d10+9X48FullTearing5.5kg
Legion ChainaxeMelee - - 1d10+5R3 - - Tearing14kg
Legion Combat KnifeMelee - - 1d10R2 - - 2kg

Legion Power Armor:
Left Arm:8
Right Arm:8
Left Leg:8
Right Leg:8
Osmotic Gill Life SustainerWith helmet on & armor powered, can maintain adequate oxygen supply
Sustainable Power Source:Power supply is effectively everlasting & does not need to be re-charged or replenished
Enhanced Ceramite Plating:Body has AP 10 rather than AP 8
Customization:Remnants of Mutation - Tail

Corruption Points:+9
Infamy Points:1/2
Special Ability (Cold Killer):When inflicting Zealous Hatred on a target, may choose to re-roll Crit Result. Second result stands

XP: 50/500
Total XP EarnedXP SpentUnspent
Operate (Aeronautica)200 xpUnaligned
Raptor250 xpUnaligned

Chaos Space Marine Implants:Effect
Secondary Heart:contributes to Unnatural Strength & Toughness traits
Ossmodula:contributes to Unnatural Toughness trait
Biscopea:contributes to the Unnatural Strength trait
Haemastamen:contributes to the Unnatural Strength & Toughness trait
Larraman's Organ:CSM only has a 5% chance of dying each round from Blood Loss rather than normal 10%
Catalepsean Node:CSM suffer no penalties to Perception-based Tests when awake for long periods of time
Preomnor:contributes to the Resistance (Poison) trait
Omophagea:By devouring a portion of an enemy, CSM can gain access to certain information from the foe's memories (left to GM's discretion)
Multi-Lung:provides Amphibious trait
Occulobe:grants the Heightened Senses (Sight) trait
Lyman's Ear:grants the Heightened Senses (Hearing) trait
Sus-an Membrane:CSM may voluntary enter a form of suspended animation. To do so, CSM must mediate 1d5 round. This organ automatically activates if character is knocked unconscious by Critical Damage. While in suspended animation, CSM's wounds will not deteriorate or heal. Requires a chemical-therapy, auto-suggestion techniques, & successful Hard (-20) Medica Test to revive CSM from suspended animation
Melanchromic Organ:contributes to the Unnatural Toughness trait
Oolitic Kidney:contributes to the Resistance (Poisons) trait
Neurglottis:contributes to the Resistance (Poisons) trait
Mucranoid:contributes to the Resistance (Heat, Cold) traits
Betcher's Gland:CSM may spit acid at his foes. This is a ranged weapon (Range: 3m; Damage 1d5; Pen 4; Toxic). If character rolls 3 or more degrees of success on BS, may also blind opponent for 1d5 rounds
Progenoids:Implanted in a regular human, these glands may change his body into that of a Space Marine or they may overwhelm & destroy him. This gland has no in game effect, but loyalist Adeptus Astartes place great stock in recovering the Progenoid glads to create new Space Marines
Black Carapace:grats CSM exceptional control over power armour. Space Marine in power armour has the Size (Hulking) trait, enemies gain no bonus to hit

Spoiler: The Crunchy Bits • show

WS Roll = 43
BS Roll = 36
S Roll = 45
T Roll = 44
AG Roll = 48
INT Roll = 41
PER Roll = 39
WP Roll = 41
FEL Roll = 40
INF Roll = 21

Wounds Roll = 21

Pride Roll = 8
Disgrade Roll = 6
Motivation Roll = 10

Power Armor Customization Roll = 9

The Game Room / Star Wars: Imperial Assault
« on: March 22, 2015, 07:12:35 PM »
My board gaming group broke this game open last night.  And holy crap I loved it.  Easily in my top 5. 

It plays similar a revised Descent system (makes since since both by Fantasy Flight), but set in the Star Wars system.  Although it is similar to Descent, it is not so much as a dungeon explorer hack & slash, but more along an objective based story-driven game where the level of results you achieve in one mission impact how other missions play out.  Not knowing exactly what the group consensus would be on it, last night we started with the intent of playing the tutorial (to learn the basic mechanics) and then 1 mission.  We ended up playing 3 additional missions (a mix of campaign missions and selected side mission) on top of that.

The Rec Room / My apologies to my GMs and fellow gamers
« on: August 11, 2014, 09:43:40 PM »
To my current GMs (CB & Ski-Bird) and my numerous fellow PCs in said games,

I just wanted to take a moment and apologize for not being around here and as active in games as I would like to be.  Back in June I followed a long held dream of mine and turned a hobby I've been passionate about for two decades into a part time business.  This is on top of my regular 9-5.  Will this new venture eventually become a full time thing?  I don't know.  Maybe some day, but not now as I would not be able to support my family on it and my day job (for the lack of a better word) currently provides me with a decent paycheck and excellent benefits.  So I'm running this new venture in the evening hours which is making for some long ass days.

I knew going in I was going to have a large amount of work to bring home after hours.  However, I, perhaps foolishly, underestimated the amount of work I was going to be doing behind the scenes while still trying to balance family life.  On top of that I was sick for a few days last week and have spent even more time this week trying to catch up.

I do try to log in almost daily for both a mental break and to make sure the place hasn't burned to the ground, but I do not always have the time to formulate a proper response and genuinely feel bad I'm not able to post as often as I feel I should to keep up. 

My aim is that in the next month or so (fingers crossed), a few things I've been working on will be finalized and out of the way and I can develop a routine.  Will I be able to post daily then?  I doubt it, but at least I should be able to be around more consistently. 

In conclusion, I would like to once again apologize to my GMs and fellow PCs if I've held up games anytime in the past few months.  If my slower pace is becoming an issue please feel free to do with my character as you see fit - I won't be offended.  I may cry myself to sleep, but I won't be offended.   ;)

The Game Room / Dungeon Keeper free on GOG.com
« on: February 14, 2014, 05:51:06 PM »
For about the next 36 hours.  Played this a lot when it first came out.  Picking it up now. 


The Game Room / Shadowrun: Returns
« on: July 29, 2013, 01:59:30 PM »
Anyone else playing this game?  Just got it Saturday afternoon and love it.  Obvious some limitations trying to put a pen & paper RPG to a video game, but very well done in my opinion. 

Tales of Valor / Sir Grzegorz Robert
« on: March 05, 2012, 08:55:25 PM »
Personal Data
Name:Grzegorz RobertGlory:179
Father's Name:David Robert
Father's Class:Vassal NightSon Number:1
Lord:Sir Robert (Earl of Salisbury)
Current Class:Vassal Knight
Current Home:ChaldertonAge: 21 (Born 510 AD)

SIZ10 (Knockdown)
CON18 (Major Wound)
Healing Rate3
Total HP28 (Current: 27)

Distinctive Features: Prematurely greying hair, Huge beard, Long fingers
Family Characteristic: Naturally lovable (+10 to Flirting Skill)

Personality Traits
Chilvalry Bonus = Blue total 80+ (Currently: 72)
Religious bonus = Underlined traits all at 16+

Love (Family)15
Hate (Saxons)12

Awareness15 [ X ]    Boating1 [   ]    Chirurgery2 [   ]    
Compose0 [   ]    Courtesy13 [   ]    Dancing2 [   ]    
Faerie Lore1 [   ]    Falconry3 [   ]    First Aid15 [   ]    
Flirting25 [   ]    Folk Lore2 [   ]    Gaming3 [   ]    
Heraldry3 [   ]    Hunting4 [ X ]    Industry0 [   ]    
Intrigue3 [   ]    Orate3 [   ]    Play (Lute)3 [   ]    
Read (....)0 [   ]    Recognize3 [   ]    Religion (Christianity)2 [   ]    
Romance2 [   ]    Singing2 [   ]    Stewardship2 [   ]    
Swimming2 [   ]    Tourney7 [   ]          

Combat Skills
Battle12 [   ]    Horsemanship15 [   ]    
Sword15 [ X ]    Lance10 [   ]    
Spear6 [   ]    Dagger5 [   ]    

Joust Score

Best WarhorseType:Charger
Riding HorseType:Rouncy
Squire's HorseType:Sumpter

Equipment Carried
  • Reinforced Chain Mail (12 points)
  • 2 spears, shield, sword, dagger, 5 jousting lances
  • 2 lira (L) in coinage
  • Fine clothing (worth 1L)
  • Horses, personal gear, travel gear, & war gear
  • Family heriloom: Silver arm ring (worth 1L)

Squire: Brandon Jasper
Age: 15
First Aid6 [   ]    
Battle1 [   ]    
Horsemanship6 [   ]    
Orate5 [   ]    

Story / Chapter 6 - Revelation
« on: February 28, 2012, 08:35:42 PM »
Day broke on the near empty streets of Seraph Falls.  Normally sunlight signaled the start of a new day, however the ominously vacant streets were a sign of a town thrust into a deadly predicament.  And the townsfolk, found themselves torn.  The brazen attack on the town last night only seemed to polarize both viewpoints.  Talk spread quickly about the need to strike back and the will to submit and give the bandits what they desire.  But for all the talk that took place in the middle of the night, the streets remained silent.

Silent as most were just now stirring out of bad, if not pulling the covers over their heads to shield themselves from the sun in an effort to glean that much more sleep.  For in the hours after the last of the gun fire had died down, the town had pushed aside their difference and banded together to deal with the two fires at hand.  But for now, many slept.  For many, their minds spun all night about the events that rippled through the town and speculated at to what course of action they could pursue, wondering if any of their past actions could have aided or even prevented the deadly exchange of gun fire. 

Few were up the bulk of the night working.  Monty "Doc" McKenna pushed tirelessly through the night, working on those that at least had a chance at living, despite how slim the odds were.  Jefferson Morricone spent all night at his funeral parlor storing the bodies of the deceased as the local town blacksmith Karl Bowden, a bear of a man with limited English capabilities, carried the bodies to the funeral parlor one-by-one.  Deputy Sean temporarily relocated his captive to The Stables with Mrs. Flatts permission, lashing the imprisoned Clint Barnes into a barely clean pen before moving to the opposite end in an effort to keep the guy from becoming to brave and attempt an escape. 

Millie, too, had remained up nearly all night, essentially sitting at the McKeanna residence the entire night, her rest limited to the short cat naps her body forced to her take before jolting itself awake, the latest time as the door to Doc McKenna's door creaked out.  Out walked the old man, his face fatigued from the night's work.  His white sleeves were rolled up past his elbows and speckled with small red spots as his forearms and hands were splattered and streaked with dried blood he missed wiping it away while the crimson fluid was wet.  Flashing a brief smile, he softly lets out, "Good, you're still here," he begins wiping his hands on his dark pants, as if that would do anything, "Calhoun's been asking for you."

Arising, Millie was quickly halted by Doc raising up his hands to signal for her to hold up a minute.  "He's weak right now.  I advised him to rest, but he's set on speaking with ya.  Best make it quick so he can get back to resting," he advises.

Tales of Valor / 531 AD - The Adventure of the Bear Cave
« on: February 14, 2012, 10:25:02 PM »
As the first rays of dawn broke the horizon, Sir Grzegorz Robert stirred in his bed, his ears catching the distant sound of a rooster crowing.  Taking a moment to fully awake, the new knight arose from his bed and made his way over to the fire pit, stoking the embers briefly before picking up another log and tossing it on the dying fire.  A shiver runs down his spine as he quickly realizes that the morning apparently going to be one of the more brisk ones in recent days.  Taking a couple seconds to warm his hands into rejuvenating fires, he makes his way over toward his closest before picking out his finest courtly attire.

Although he was just knighted a mere three days ago, Sir Robert, Earl of the lands, had requested to see his presence by mid-day.  Once appropriately clothed, Sir Grzegorz exited his private quarters to find a pleasant aroma beginning to waft through the air.  Making his way toward the kitchen of his quaint, but private, estate, Sir Grzegorz found his lone house maid, Indeg, a gift from Sir Robert that came with the tract of land, stood in the kitchen, not yet aware of the Sir Grzegorz's presence.  Standing over a metal pot, which sat atop a fire of it's own, she tossed in what appeared to be a small collection of assorted vegetables.  Over on the table a loaf of yesterday's baked bread lay next to a small knife, spoon, and a plate. 

Brandon Jaspers, the squired assigned to Sir Grzegorz just yesterday was no where to be found, most likely still asleep. 

Tales of Valor / Out Of Character
« on: February 09, 2012, 08:16:25 PM »
For the fabled OOC table talk and all that jazz

The Game Room / D&D 5e
« on: January 10, 2012, 07:28:21 PM »
For those of you who might have missed it, WotC has announced they are planning a new edition of D&D.  And this time they're actually looking for player feedback to help them design the system (gasp).


Story / Chapter 5 - Revenge
« on: July 24, 2011, 05:41:42 PM »
Sunlight broke the horizon on the quaint little town of Seraph Falls signaling the start of a new day.  Most, however, had wished they could have just stayed in bed a few more hours.  Most the town was abuzz through the wee hours of the night as the townsfolk gossiped about the events of the day prior and the near eruption at the Church of Seraph Falls, when Mayor Powers had help an open floor "discussion" about how to proceed.  

Much like the sample size that had gathered in the church, the town remained split fairly evenly on how to proceed.  Many felt they could follow Powers's plan remove temptation from the City while a large number of folk rallied behind Calhoun's plan to stand up to the McGruder Gang.

Making his way south through town toward his morning meeting with Sheriff Jake and Deputy Sean, Calhoun found himself in mixed company.  He was used to townsfolk turning up their noses and whispering about him and he walked by, but after last night he also found himself on the receiving end of light smiles and tipping-of-hats from people merely passing by, some of whom would have avoided him just days prior.  Perhaps the most seemingly difference came from Nelson Donaugh, the local barber - the man had on many occasions refused Calhoun service and thrown him out of his shop - but today, as he was out of the stoop sweeping dust away, a small smile crept upon his face just before he nodded his head in respect toward the seemingly revived man.

Reaching the jail, Calhoun pushes the door open to find a weary looking Sean pouring himself some coffee before yawning.  Filling his cup he pours Calhoun a cup as well without asking, picks them up, and makes his way back to his desk.  Handing Calhoun the hot beverage, he tiredly mutters, "Sheriff should be be here any minute I reckon."

Further north at the Double Door, Millie had emerged from her room dressed and ready for the day.  Although she would never admit it to most, her night was far from pleasant as her head raced in a thousand different directions; everything from about what happened, how to stop the McGruder Gang, how long she should go away for, if Chan was right about Jacob, if the girls here could manage without her, Mayor Powers's words, and Calhoun's idea of revenge.  

Reaching the banister next to the door, the red head finds Chan's new bodyguard - Jose was it - sitting down and enjoying a complimentary breakfast before starting his shift.  And if experience taught Millie anything, that was probably the last free meal Chan would give the new guy unless he actually manages to stop a robbery or some other dastardly crime.  

Sierra suddenly appears at Millie's side, startling the girl momentarily, before apologizing for the scare.  "Sorry deary," she replies softly as she looked at Millie's face.  She could tell the woman was tired and stressed and she had a good idea as to why, so there was no reason to labor the point.  "I see the new guy 's here.  Kind of cute in that rugged sort of way, don't you think?" she half jests with a wink.  

Yearbook / Jake Delong
« on: June 20, 2011, 08:19:18 PM »

Jake Delong
PL 6
Spoiler: Werewolf Form • show

Strength12 / 22+1 / +6
Consitution12 / 22+1 / +6

Toughness+1 [+6 Werewolf Form]
Fortitude+1 [+6 Werewolf Form]

Combat Info:
Attack: Melee+6
Attack: Ranged+2
Defense: Active13
Defense: Flat-Footed12

Hero Points1


All-Out Attack1Reduce defense bonus to increase attack bonus
Attack Focus (Melee)4+4 bonus on melee attack rolls
Blind-Fight1Re-roll miss chances from concealment.  Halve speed penalty in darkness
Evasion1Suffer less damage from attacks allowing a Reflex save
Fearless1Immune to fear effects
Improved Initiative1+4 to Initiative per rank
Power Attack1Reduce attack bonus to increase damage bonus
Prone Fighting1No penalty for fighting while prone.  Crawl at 1/2 speed
Sneak Attack1+2 Damage when you surprise an opponent
Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)1Retain your dodge bonus when flat-footed

Canine Senses (Super-Senses)5
>>Acute (Olfactory)2
>>Extended (Auditory)1
Comprehend (Animals)2Limited (Werewolf Form)
Alternate Form (Werewolf)8
Enhanced Strength10
Enhanced Constitution10
>>Recovery Rate (Bruised)2
>>Recovery Rate (Unconscious)2
>>Recovery Rate (Injured)2
>>Recovery Rate (Staggered)2
>>Recovery Rate (Disabled)1
>>Resurrection [Can be killed by Silver]4
>>Tacking (Olfactory)2

NamePowers (if applicable)
N/A -

- -

Mute (Human Languages)Uncommon (Werewolf Form Only)Moderate-2


Jake grew up your average child in suburban Glenside to two middle-class parents.  His father James, worked in a factory in the neighboring town and his mother was a elementary school at Glenside Elementary.

Nothing really ever seemed to stand out for Jake - he had average looks and average grades in school - he was never in the popular clique nor was he tormented and teased like the nerds and geeks that roamed the hall.  This allowed to Jake to have friends on both end popularity spectrum.

Then, two years ago, at the age of 14, his body began undergoing a drastic change.  No, not puberty. . .something else.  His muscles suddenly began larger and more toned almost overnight as his strength and speed increased as well and cuts and bruises began healing significantly quicker.  Convinced by his parents to try out for a sports team, Jake ignited a spark and an apparent latent talent in baseball.

However, the physical improvements Jake gained were only one side of the changes.  Jake began experiencing sudden black outs during the evening hours and would often come to in different locals from where he blacked out from, and always half-naked and covered in sweat.  Obviously embarrassed by this Jake kept this to himself as he tried to figure out what was going on.

One winter evening, as he was watching the nightly news a story flashed across that changed his life forever.  A surveillance camera footage showed what appeared to be "a man in an elaborate wolf costume and smiley face boxers" running around the snowy city.  Jake immediately recognized the pair of underpants and clammed up immediately.  But before he even had a chance to excuse himself, his mother asked him to join her in the basement.  Confused, Jake hesitantly obliged.

It was there in the basement that Jake's mother revealed to him the darkest family secret - lycathropy.  For reasons unknown, her family tree became "cursed" for a lack of a better word, to pass on the werewolf trait.  With her help and months of recognizing the signs that lead to his transformations and eventually how to control it.

It has now been a year since Jake learned to fully control his transformation into his werewolf form, thanks to the help of his parents - the only ones who know his dark family secret.  Jake is currently in his junior year of school, the star of the Glenside High School baseball team playing center field going by the nickname The Beast, a nickname he gave himself for both his manner of play and his *ahem* unique changes (and if his Junior and Senior years go as expected, he should receive a scholarship to play ball at college), and even dating this a senior girl on the soccer team.

Story / Chapter 4 - Repercussions
« on: April 04, 2011, 09:53:47 PM »
The chaotic events that struck the small town of Seraph Falls the day prior whipped the townsfolk into a buzz.  Whispers and rumors filled the ears and air as fear and curiosity drifted through the minds of the simple folk that inhabited the somewhat peaceful town.  Fears and misconceptions permeated throughout as speculation ran rampant, though only through whispers, as to why exactly the McGruder Gang made their way to Seraph.  Some feared the upcoming riverboat Poker tournament, with many wealthy and high rollers making their way in for the event, had turned the town into a target for raids.  Other had feared the fairly upstanding Double Door Saloon had brought it upon the town, what with one of the working girls vexing and provoking the wrong man.  Regardless of their origin of what might have brought the infamous gang about, all were concerned - and rightfully so - that they had not seen the worst of what was to come. 

Sheriff Jake found himself sitting in the Jail with the newest occupant, Clint Barnes, the unsuccessful Double Door bandit.  The man, not the brightest to begin with, was more than willing to talk, but the lawman's experienced ears told him that most of what the man said was about as useful as bear droppings.  A few of the details the man said that seemed truthful was that he was recruited in Texas just short of the Arizona border after he offered the gang a hiding place following a bank robbery.  The man also seemed confident that the McGruder Gang would spring him from the clink, but not because he was some valuable asset to the banditos, but rather simply based on the fact he could finger the man who plugged Billy.  Hell, as he claimed, he'd be out before trial even started.  A trial in which he was going to stand for attempted abduction, rape, and assault.  A guilty verdict would all but ensure he would swing by the neck.

Looking Clint with silent contentment, Jake tried to ignore the man's latest ramblings, something about this time he was horse rustling three years ago in Montana.  A story the lawman had already heard twice before, but with different details about the exact location, how many horses he escaped with, and whether or not he had to pistol whip a rancher or two.   Sighing Jake reaches into his pocket and produces a watch and checks the time.  Calhoun was to stop by at some point to give a rundown of the events from his perspective and sign a witness statement to be used at trial.

Calhoun, normally one of the town pariahs, found himself even more of an outcast.  While most townsfolk tended to ignore the drunk, with word going around about a drunk armed with a gun, and an itchy trigger finger, nearly everyone avoided the drunk like he had the plague.  And perhaps they were right.  For his gut wretched and burned with a pain more intense than anything he had felt in months.  Not since winter at least. 

Currently sitting with his back against the wooden frame of a back deck, a familiar brown bottle resting in his right hand.  Raising the bottle to his dry crusted lips, the man finds nothing wet hitting his mouth.  Pulling the whiskey bottle back and examining it through narrow eyes, the man's lip curls at the realization that his muse was bone dry - least for now. 

Slowly rising up,  the man's joints creak and ache for a moment as he takes a quick inventory of what he has one him at the moment: a small sash of money, empty whiskey bottle. . .and that's it.  Least for now.  At least until he get back to his stash of booze and six shooters. 

A figure rounds the corner in the distance.  Squinting momentarily to focus his gaze in the beating sun, the old drunk finds the familiar outline of Deputy Sean approaching him, his hands resting gently on his six-shooters, but casually as if they were a brace rather than an instrument of death. 

Quanah, herself, was also the target on whispers and second glances.  Granted this was something the girl was accustomed to this at some point, but townsfolk found it mighty peculiar that the woman showed up two nights ago - the night before the McGruder Gang arrived - as something more than a coincidence, regardless of how much it might have been.  Not having much better options, the half-breed took up Doc McKenna's offer to assist him with the workload that was thrust upon him that day.  Mainly Quanah's duties were regulated to watching over the wounded woman she drug from the street while McKenna checked on the birthing he had to miss, prepare a few bodies for funerals, and help the town mortician, Ebenezer Morricone, with transporting bodies to Morricone's Funeral Parlor.  While the doctor could not pay the woman much for her services, he and his wife did provide Quanah with roof for the night and warm food. 

Checking up on the woman, whose name Quanah had forgotten in all the hustle and bustle, the half-Indian finds the woman's body covered in beads of sweat and hot to the touch. 

At the Double Door Saloon Millie found herself staring out the window, deep in thought.  One part of her was legitimately concerned about what might come not only for her, but for the town as well while another part of her smiled at the realization that Becky would be safe now.  With that bastard Billy deader that a doorknob, Millie felt a bit a resolve at the idea of the abuser never laying another hand on his wife from now on.  Or should she say widow?

Regardless, her mind also the safety of those within the confines of the saloon.  Billy and this Clint fellow came looking for her or Becky, and it cost Ned a decent sized crack on the head, her fellow working girls - the one she was supposed to oversee - terrorized, and her best friend nearly raped.  She shuddered momentarily at the thought of what if she had been a few minutes later.

She then found herself relieved that Jacob had been by her side the whole time.  Though now he was almost to San Fransisco, if not there already.  After the hullabaloo of yesterday died down, the red headed sent him back to the big city from which he was overdue.  The man begged her to let him stay a day or two to ensure her safety as best he could.  And while she appreciated the gesture, the man had work to do in San Fransisco, and with the added security Chan was taking now (a new body guard was being hired to work during the days) and the apparent guardian angel in disguise, Calhoun, Millie felt confident that she would be able to hold out a few days until the man could return.  And while she would never admit it to his face, sending him away was more about not wanting to drag him into whatever hell might come her way.

Her gaze distant out the window, a gentle rap against her door jarred her back into the moment.  Turning about she finds Sierra standing at her open door.  The woman had been through a lot, much of which Millie had experienced herself in the past.  Still, despite being safe for the moment, the working girl's face was still filled with worry.  "Chan asked me to get you," she asked softly, her tone softer than normal and eyes not exactly making complete contact. 

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