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  Alexius' Commission
  A Night In Reynard
  The Ballad of Javier
  Bureau of Special Circumstances
  Bring Me That Black
   A Circle of Blades
  Cold Trade
  The Cure That Kills
  Damnation City
  Dark is the Moon
  The Darkening of Mirkwood
  Death laughs last
  Denizens Under The Gem
  The District
  Dragon Age: Shadows Darker
  Dramatic Pursuits
  Escape From Castle Rock
  The Fallen
  Fools Rush In
  Freedom City Comics
  A Feverish Flux
  Freedom City Stories
  The Good, The Bad, And The Weird
  The Great Collapse
  In Deep Water
  Into The Deep
  ION Guard: Pan-Galactic Mayhem
  The Kerberos Club
  La Frontera
  Lords of Darkness
  Magic Noir - Casablanca
  Marvel Heroes - Breakout
  Mass Effect: The Cadmus Objective
  Mass Effect: Beyond the Veil
  Midnight's Shadow
  The Murder Room
  The Mystery at Scarnsea Abbey
  A New Age of Fredom
  Only in Death does Duty End
  Paragons: Under the Aegis
  Out To The Black
  Primeverse: New Journeymen
  Primeverse: Prodigals
  Reach for the Sky
  Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
  Savage Tide
  Scoundrels & Sell-Swords
  The Shadow Directive
  Shadows of the City
  Space 1889: Red Sands
  Star Trek: Balance of Terror
  Star Wars: Alliance
  Star Wars: Shadows of Defiance
  Star Wars: The New Battlefield
  Tales of RAVENLOFT
  Tales of Valor
  Tatters of the King
  Terror at Sea!
  This is the End
  Vampire in LA
  War of the Burning Sky
  The Weird West-Twisted Tales of Terror and the All American Nightmare
  Well of Sacrifice
  The Wild Hunt


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