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Upgraded to the latest version of the forum software. Let a mod know if you experience any issues.

Welcome to PbP House!

Play-by-Post (PbP) gaming is a style of roleplaying, storytelling, and gaming using message boards, forums, or even e-mail as a communication medium between players and GMs. Anyone with an interest in roleplaying or collaborative story telling can play in a PbP game. Many are people who have difficulty finding players in their local areas, have difficulty scheduling time for games, or people who want to supplement their face-to-face gaming time. One of the great things about PbP is it allows you to try out some new systems or story ideas you might not be able to try with your face-to-face group. You also get an opportunity to play sometimes with players from all over the world with all kinds of different interests, styles, and experiences.

A PbP game is a roleplaying game, very similar in some ways to what you might play at the tabletop. PbP games tend to use the same basic rules and systems as tabletop games, and if you've played a roleplaying game face-to-face with your friends, you will have some idea of what to expect. There are a few differences you should be aware of, though.

Game Style

PbP games come in all style and variety. All kinds of game systems can work in PbP games, though some tend to work better than others. As a general rule, though, most people think that what PbP gaming does best is facilitate rich characterization.

Combat is a part of most PbP games, as it is a part of most table-top games, but Combat tends to be slower and a bit more more awkward in PbP games.

Post Rate

A relatively fast posting rate for a game is generally one post per player per day. Some go faster than this, but most probably go slower. One post per player per week is a fairly slow-moving game.


Combat in PbP is a topic worthy of much discussion. For an overview, see the GM's Quick Start Guide.

How Do I Become a Player in a PbP Game?

At PbP HOUSE, we have several ways of letting a GM know you're interested in his or her game:

  1. Reply to an ad in the Players Wanted board.
  2. Post the type of game your interested in on the Game Interest and Speculation board.
  3. Browse through the current games, and send a GM a private message (PM) to find out if he or she is looking for any players. Sometimes GMs are open to new players, even if they aren't actively recruiting.

On other PbP sites, the options may be slightly different, depending on the setup, but the principles are essentially the same.

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